Marcel Bedard Black Belt Center
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7612 Clyde Park Ave Suite G Byron Center, MI 49315

Corner of Clyde Park and 76th Street-Middle Entrance Door- Located directly across the street from the Spartan Headquarters

Classes are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday classes begin at 7 PM--- Friday night classes  begin at 6 PM.

Wednesday and Thursday classes are instructed by Grand Master Marcel Bedard

 Tuesday and Friday classes are taught by Senior Instructor Dennis Bedard

The DoJo opens at 6:30 ( 5:30 on Fr idays)so students may begin their stretching in preparation for class.

Students of Bedard Black Belt Center may train either two or four nights per week, pending on availabilty and program package

CALL FOR SPECIAL FEBRUARY PRICING- while space is available!

For information regarding classes or private training, please call: 616-617-0770

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 Grand Master Marcel Bedard
, was born in 1954, and is
a 7th degree black  belt-Grand Master. He has trained under Grand Master Kwon Jae Hwa (I.T.F.) &
Grand Master  K.J. Lee (W.T.F.)

Senior Instructor Dennis Bedard, born in 1972, is a 2nd degree Black belt with Master
  Bedard. Instructor Bedard started his martial
 arts career at the age of 8 in 1980.

The disciplines of Tae Kwon Do

Poomse  - style-forms
Hosinsul - self-defense
Gyorugi - sparring
Kyepka  - breaktest

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