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WE ARE NOW LOCATED AT 7612 Clyde Park, Suite G, Byron Center, MI 49315

Middle Entrance Door- 2nd Floor

 Directly across the street from the Spartan Headquarters


Training your
Mind • Body • Spirit

Whether you are interested in a fantastic work-out or want to train to perform in the ring,
Tae Kwon Do is both a physical and mental workout.

"It's the instructor that makes the Class"
Our instructors not only teach Tae Kwon Do, but they practice it as well.



 Master Marcel Bedard, was born in 1954, and is
a 7th degree black  belt. He has trained under Grand Master Kwon Jae Hwa (I.T.F.) &
Grand Master  K.J. Lee (W.T.F.)

He started his martial arts career in 1975 at the age
 of 21.  After reaching his 1st degree Black belt in
1978 Master Bedard wished to branch out from the standard semi-contact that was the base of
 I.T.F. (International Tae Kwon Do Federation)
to the more demanding world of full-contact competition.  Master Bedard transferred to
 the W.T.F. and excelled through strong dedication and his will to succeed. Master Bedard continued on in Tae Kwon Do training and in 1982 became the
United States Full-Contact W.T.S. Champion.
In 1987 Master Bedard retired, with a spectacular record, from full-contact fighting, and in 1989 was promoted to the  rank of 5th degree or Master. In October 2008 he was promoted to 7th degree-Grand Master.

He has trained thousands of students in his career, including his two sons. Master has held classes all across the United States and Canada; and has opened martial arts academies across Florida and
in Quebec, Canada as well. He has held clinics and seminars in both countries and helped develop a program for the Developmental Resource Center- under Dr. Levy, as an alternative to the Juvenile
System, for wayward & troublesome young men.

Master’s newest endeavor is to bring his knowledge, experience, unparalleled teaching  style and flare for Tae Kwon Do to Western Michigan.


Senior Instructor Dennis Bedard, born in 1972, is a 2nd degree Black belt with Master
  Bedard. Instructor Bedard started his martial
 arts career at the age of 8 in 1980.

Along-side his father and younger brother, Dennis succeeded in full-contact fighting with dreams of one day following in his father’s footsteps to become the World Full-Contact Middleweight Champion. Unfortunately in 1992 Dennis was sidelined with an injury that mandated he cease fighting. Dennis retired from contact fighting in 1993 and began
 teaching the sport he loves.

His knowledge, dedication and commitment to Tae Kwon Do has allowed him to use his own career of performing Tae Kwon Do and develop a teaching style that is highly effective. He maintains a high level of respect and discipline within his classes,
regardless of  the age level.

Senior Instructor Dennis Bedard is now located in Western Michigan and continues to teach along-side Master Marcel Bedard. Among their students is Gabriel Bedard. Gabriel Bedard is the son of Senior Instructor Dennis Bedard and the grandson of Master Marcel Bedard, thus continuing the family tradition.



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